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Parks not Planes

Members of Parks not Planes are your neighbours. Join us in the effort to turn the Island Airport lands into a magnificent park.



Cost of acquiring the 215 acres of the airport site. The land is owned by the Canadian Government and the City of Toronto.


Thousand – the number of people living in Toronto’s downtown core, which is seriously deficient in parks and recreational space.


Number of days a year visitors will be able to walk from the mainland to the Island via the existing pedestrian tunnel.


Number of acres of parkland that will be created on Toronto’s waterfront by adding the airport lands to the 600 acres occupied by the present Island park. 

Wins for all – Solving the parkland shortage

With the beautiful weather upon us, thousands of new residents to the neighbourhood are flocking to Little Norway Park and the Music Garden. Soon, the Bathurst Quay Streetscape and Public realm site will host more visitors to the community. Everyone overlooks potential new parkland that could be made available. 



Opportunities opened up by transforming the airport into parkland, such as picnics, kayaking, cafes, cycling, concerts, birdwatching and other encounters with nature, a centre where visitors can learn about the Indigenous roots of Toronto Island…

The island airport must close

Porter Airline just bought 30 jets. Jets cannot fly from the Island Airport. Porter is negotiating to move to Pearson!

The Island Airport is not profitable without Porter and must close.

The environment

This landmark park will change Toronto – quality of life, culture, tourism and business.

A magnificent park

300,000 people live in downtown Toronto and more arrive each day. 

Parkland is seriously lacking in the city core. The Waterfront is seriously overcrowded  in summer.

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