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Business at the Island Airport has fallen dramatically – new Parks not Planes video

New video from Parks not Planes – “convincing solid analysis with strong factual support”

February 2024

The video shows

How business at the Island Airport has fallen dramatically, even pre-COVID, and
How Porter, its once-exclusive user, has been losing money, even pre-COVID, and increasingly sees its future at Pearson.

And it makes the case for a comprehensive study of the alternative uses of the airport lands before any decision is made by the City to renew its lease to

Ports Toronto of a significant portion of those lands. That lease expires on June 30, 2033.

Why now? We anticipate that a report on how to address Ports Toronto’s request to renew that lease from the City will be presented to City Council shortly.

We want to ensure that the public interest is foremost in the forthcoming debate.

And we think desperately needed parkland on the precious 215 acres of prime waterfront property is vastly preferable to continued airport use.

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