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Mary and Joel Rochon

With the passing of Mary (1933 – 2023) and Joel (1931 – 2019) we have lost a remarkable couple. The Rochons were married for 62 years and had 5 children, 17 grandchildren, a wide circle of friends and a lifetime dedication to their church and community.

Joel was an executive with the Ford Motor Company and the T. Eaton Company. He was an excellent athlete and played tennis well into his eighties. Mary was an artist and a passionate advocate for the arts. For more than two decades she ran art galleries promoting local artists.

For many years the couple lived in a King’s Landing condo. They loved the Waterfront, particularly the Music Garden. Both disliked the Island Airport and saw it as a disruptive force disturbing the community they loved.

Mary was very involved in community affairs. She volunteered with the Good Shepherd Centre and was a member and chair of the Harbourfront Community Centre Board of Management. She was an active member of Parks not Planes. Last July she wrote Isn't it a shame! that was published on the Parks not Planes web site.

Joel was outspoken in his opposition of the airport. His stature in the community and business experience helped to counter the arguments of the Board of Trade that the Island Airport was good for business.

The optimism, good humour and dedication of both Mary and Joel will be missed.

THe Music Garden with KIngs Landing in the background
The Music Garden with KIngs Landing in the background

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