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Toronto's waterfront needs more parkland - not planes

Why eliminate the airport?

  • Reduce harmful air pollution  

  • Reduce harmful noise levels associated with hundreds of takeoffs and landings every day.

  • Eliminate health risks that threaten the well being of nearby communities.

  • Eliminate the risk of an aircraft disaster. 

  • Eliminate ongoing Toronto property tax subsidies.

  • Eliminate traffic congestion caused by the airport. 

  • Eliminate the risk that airplanes pose to migratory birds.

  • Join world class cities around the world that are choosing to close city centre airports. 

Benefits of parkland 

  • Numerous economic benefits that attract world class innovative businesses.

  • Increasing Toronto’s Island parkland by 200 acres from 600 to 800 acres.

  • $0 cost to the city and government to acquire the airport lands.

  • Utilizes the pedestrian tunnel 365 days a year to access the Toronto Islands.

  • Attract more tourists.

  • Promote a healthier lifestyle for waterfront communities, business and visitors.

  • Promotes environmental preservation efforts ensuring a sustainable future for our city. 

  • Promotes cultural and recreational opportunities

  • Embraces Indigenous presence, history and culture.

Join our campaign for Parks not Planes and help us advocate for the invaluable benefits of replacing the Toronto Island Airport with more parkland. Sign up below!

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