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Summer crazy time is here and it is getting much worse.

On warm summer days thousands of people are cramming the ferry docks to get over to the Toronto Island Park. Line ups often go from the Jack Layton Terminal to Queen’s Quay! The ferry boats are crammed!

The ferry leaving Hanlan's Point
The ferry leaving Hanlan's Point

The water taxis are doing a booming business but there are long lineups to pay your money and get aboard!

But there is a solution! There are 215 acres of publicly owned land at the Island Airport (Billy Bishop) and there is a convenient pedestrian tunnel that can get people to and from the Island.

It is time to close the Island Airport and convert the airport lands into a park connected with Toronto Island Park.

Beaches, Swimming, Green space, Canoeing, Kayaking, Baseball and a park of over 800 acres, larger than Central Park in New York City! Contact the Mayor and your City Councillor now!

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